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What To Expect In The Group Reiki Session:

You will lay down on the yoga mat that you bring with you to the session.  If it is more comfortable for you to sit in a chair as apposed to laying down on the yoga mat, you will do so.  You will close your eyes, while focusing on breathing slowing and deeply as you receive the session.  I will be using the “Reiki Distant Healing Method” of channeling the healing, so the Reiki Energy will be working on you even if I am not standing near you.  I will be walking around the room, pausing at each recipient to tune in to them individually to see how I can support their Reiki Session further.  I will set up a Reiki Empowered Crystal Grid that will radiate out from it a wonderful vibration of energy to each recipient.

If this is your first time experiencing Reiki, I highly recommend (not required) that you also schedule a Private Reiki session where you will get my undivided attention in a private setting.  Both the Group Reiki Sessions & the Private Reiki sessions can provide you with a unique to them experience.

Reiki Level One & Reiki Level Two Intensive Class

Will Include:

-  Grounding Techniques
-  Description of Reiki
-  Reiki Level One Attunement
-  Reiki Self-Healing Sessions

-  You will give and receive Reiki treatments

-  Working with the Reiki Symbols
-  Reiki Distant Healing
-  Reiki & Crystals 
-  Reiki Level Two Attunement

You will be a certified Reiki Level One & Reiki Level Two Practitioner upon completion of this class.

Reiki Level Three Class (Reiki Master/Teacher Training)

The prerequisite for taking this class is that you first take the Reiki Level One & Two intensive with me.

The Class will include

-  Master Level Attunement

-  Review the topics for teaching all levels of Reiki

-  Learn how to give the Reiki Attunements

-  Practice working with the Reiki Master Symbols

-  You will give and receive a Reiki Treatment

-  Becoming a Reiki Teacher, and starting a Reiki Practice

You will be a certified Reiki Master/Teacher upon completion of this class

Getting To Know Your Spirit Guides Workshop
Carol works with each individual in the workshop to help them to recognize and connect with their spirit guides.

Reiki Distant Healing Journeys

Pre requisite to attend is Reiki Level Two.

We will be using Reiki empowered Crystals & Crystal Grids in the distant healing sessions.  You will have the opportunity to channel as well as to receive.  Reiki distant healing has no time and space limitations, so it can heal someone who lives in another country, it can heal past lives, it can heal events that are to happen in the future. It can heal childhood trauma. The list goes on and on. The healing will take place if it is in your highest good. Sometimes an illness serves us because of lessons learned.  Is there an aspect of self that is ready for a healing? Discover the deeper you.  Bring your crystals. They work great with the Reiki energy as they amplify and compliment the energy.

Reiki Practitioners Practice Group

The Prerequisite To Attend Is Reiki Level One.

The monthly Reiki Practitioners practice group is for individuals who would like to share their unique ways of practicing Reiki with other Reiki Practitioners.  For example:  some like to chant, others use crystals, others add a bit of cranial sacral work, others channel spirit guides, some play the Tibetan or crystal bowls, some use aroma therapy, some like to add tuning forks, while others just channel Reiki.  It is also a forum to ask any questions in relation to your Reiki practice and to share your experiences with one another as you support each others growth and education as a healer.  If you have a Reiki Table, please bring it to the group, and pre-register to attend.  You will be able to give and receive a Reiki treatment.

Reiki With Carol Longacre, LLC

Carol Longacre, Reiki Master/Teacher & Intuitive Guide

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