Tarot Or Intuitive Card Readings Via e-mail for $65.00.  You can ask one question, or just have a General reading.  The number of cards that I draw are dependent on my intuitive guidance.  Sometimes it is only one card, and other times a few . . .

More examples of the card readings that I have done are on my FaceBook Page “Reiki With Carol Longacre, LLC” under “Albums”

One Of The Readings That I Have Done:

Tarot Card Reading for 6/14/22

The color of her throne is Red. Representing the perfect health of her root chakra (safety, security, balance, sense of well-being).

When our Root chakra is healthy, this is what we look like to others. We are kind, confident, and manage ourselves and our affairs in a balanced way.

The Red can also mean “fire energy”, which gives us the UMPH that it takes to set healthy boundaries, and to take the action for positive change in our lives.

The Yellow & Gold around her can represent a healthy Solar Plexus. A healthy solar plexus shines the aura of confidence & of being, and feeling self-assured in one’s decision making.

People who have healthy chakras (over-all), are generally successful in life, and in their relationships with others.

Something to ask yourself, How do you show up in the world? What chakra issue is calling for my attention? What am I ready to heal? How far have I walked on this path of evolution? How does my life look now, since major awakenings followed by action have taken place?

Onwards and Upwards with many blessings, my fellow traveler of life!

Carol Longacre, Reiki Master/Teacher

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