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About The Group Reiki Sessions


Why A Group Reiki Session


The “Group Energy” in a Group Reiki session can fragrant the room with each others energy, 

showing you on some level, 

areas within them, that also exist in you… 


For example,

On an energetic level, 

someone in the group, 

is healing an inner child issue, 

that is similar to your personal past experience.  


On some level, 

you are observing their healing that is taking place, 

and are learning to trust, receive supportive spiritual help, and to heal your similar issue. 


Your “Stuff”, will not come up to be healed, unless it is in the perfect timing for you to heal. 


When you are ready to heal, 

the healing will happen gradually, 

at a pace that you can manage, 


Perhaps you have done a lot of therapy with with a therapist, 

and now is the time to release a past trauma from your physical body, 

Reiki can help with that …


If you react by “feeling or sensing” a situation in the room that has come forth for to be healed, 

it is because, 

that which you share with another, 

is showing you “the way” to heal your self (on some level). 


Participants will be sitting in a chair to receive the Reiki treatment.


I will be Channeling the Reiki Energy, and will be Facilitating the Healing Processes.

Carol Longacre, Reiki Master/Teacher. Offering Reiki Sessions, and Reiki Classes in Des Moines, WA.

Reiki With Carol Longacre, LLC

Des Moines, WA.

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