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Reiki For Bell's Palsy

One of my Reiki clients in Canmore, AB Canada had Bell’s Palsy where half of her face was paralized. She had to wear a patch over her eye because it would not tear. After receiving Reiki over a period of time, her condition improved so much that her eye began to tear so that she did not have to wear the patch over her eye. Her Doctor was amazed at how quickly she healed from that condition. My client said that during her healing journey with Reiki, she spent hours communicating with her spiritual guides (something that I taught her to do in her private session), and was able to determine the cause of the Bell’s Palsy. Her spirit guides told her that she needed to set boundaries at her job where she worked just regular hours (cutting back on the over-time), and was told that she had to learn speak her mind at work to communicate her needs.

The Miracles Of Reiki

Reiki For Chronic Pain:

I had a Reiki office in Canmore, Alberta Canada where I practiced and taught Reiki. There is a “Pain Clinic” in Canmore where one of my clients went to learn about how to manage his pain without using drugs. The Pain Clinic offered massage therapy for their patients, but my client was not able to receive massage because his body would spasm and he could not lay still. His wife had the idea to bring him to my office to see if Reiki would help him. During the Reiki session he was able to sleep, and receive the healing energies without any spasms. His wife stayed in the treatment room with him when he received the healing so when the treatment with him was finished I asked her if she would like to feel what Reiki felt like (she had never experience Reiki before). She said that she was able to feel the energy when I was channeling it for her husband, saying she was receiving the energy at the same time he was. She then broke out in tears & told me of her struggles of being a care giver for her husband. I did some Reiki on her Heart chakra and solar plexus & guided her to seek information from her inner guidance as how she can better take care of herself. Her inner guidance told her that she needed to learn how to channel Reiki for her own self-healing, and gave her other self-care information. It turned out that both she and her husband received some healing that day!

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