About The Virtual  Reiki Sessions

Your Virtual Reiki Session will be on FaceTime Video, or on FaceBook Messenger Video.

Prior to your session, I set up a Reiki empowered crystal grid that will support you during your healing session.

You will lay down to receive this Reiki session in the comfort of your own home. I ask that you be alone, and that you will not be disturbed.

I will be working with our Spiritual Resource Teams, as I intuitively guide you on this meditative healing journey, so please wear earphones.

Some people are so relaxed that they fall asleep during the healing session, if you fall asleep, you will still benefit from the narration because it will be received on an unconscious/higher level.

I empathically & intuitively read your energy, and then I channel Reiki energy to the blocked areas that I detect.

The Reiki sessions can help you to achieve your objective. Which may be receiving insights to problem situations, releasing blocks, balancing your energies, healing past life issues, ancestral issues, fragmented parts of self, or healing a current issue in your life.

Healing is a process, It happens gradually as you are ready to receive it. I recommend monthly sessions to support your healing journey. See my fee schedule for the Monthly Wellness Program that I offer.

Carol Longacre, Reiki Master/Teacher & Intuitive Empath. Offering In-Person Or Virtual Reiki Sessions, and Reiki Classes.

Reiki With Carol Longacre, LLC

Des Moines, WA.