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How Reiki Can Help

Reiki can see deep within you, to the core of your being.

It has no time, and space limitations, so can travel through time & space to heal what ever is ready to heal.

Healing can take place on all levels of your being, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

Healing is a process.

You heal at the pace that is the highest good for you.

If your life is in a shamble, and it is effecting your health, or your mental state, than perhaps a series of
Reiki treatments can help you.
Inner work is necessary to heal any issue or physical ailment. Reiki can often bring you to that place deep

You may ask how many sessions will it take to heal your issue.

Healing is a process that is much like the peeling of an onion. It takes time to trust your healing practitioner

and to feel safe at releasing painful memories that are held in your body. Self discovery and healing that can

lead to changing unwanted life situations (health, relationships, jobs etc) take time to turn around for the better

as well. Because of that, I recommend that you schedule monthly appointments to continue your journey to

perfect health.

Healing takes place in many different forms. It does not always mean recovery from illness.

It may come in the form of developing inner wisdom, peace and serenity in spite of the illness,

or in spite of any life situations. As you change (transform), your whole world around you will.

Carol Longacre, Reiki Master/Teacher. Offering Reiki Sessions, and Reiki Classes in Des Moines, WA.

Reiki With Carol Longacre, LLC

Des Moines, WA.

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