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Prepare yourself for a moving spiritual experience when you are guided through Reiki I and II with Carol. She is deeply

and instantly connected with each of her students, which makes for a warm, caring learning environment with a sprinkling

of fun. Carol's teaching style is interactive, enlightening and healing. Reiki flows naturally through Carol as she combines

her free spirit and experience to guide her students on a sacred journey.

Jamie McCormack

Tacoma, WA

I don’t know if you can use this on any of your websites as a recommendation. But what I’m getting at Carol, is that all your

teachings to me and Reiki sessions I have received from you have enpowered me and giving me more self-esteem than

anything has ever done in my entire life. You have given me the ability to believe in myself as a helper of others.

And that is a gift that is immeasurable. I know that I had it in me, I know I have had the gift for a long time.

I just did not know how to manifest it. I will be your student forever as long as you allow me to.

Thank you with all my heart.

Jeanine H.

Seattle, WA.

I forgot to tell you yesterday how much I appreciate all you have done for me. I am in such a different space than when

I first came to you last August.

I feel so much more empowered and have grown so much spiritually. Both my physical and mental health has improved

immensely. I love the relationship that I now have with my guides and Angels. Although I’ve always known they were there,

my relationship with them has grown immensely. Truly Reiki has changed my life for the better in so many ways.

I’m sure that countless others have received so much benefit from your tutelage, so I am going to thank you for

everyone as well.


Seattle, WA.

I took my first Reiki class from Carol 10 years ago and never forgot the incredible experience of the healing power

Carol was able to call on and the Reiki sharing sessions which were so healing for me personally. I took Reiki 2

from a different practitioner when Carol was not doing classes but the experience had little effect and the same

energy did not come in. After recently retaking Reiki 2 from Carol, I have not stopped using the energy, have

further opened my intuitive knowing and have felt freer to explore the possibilities of Reiki.

Carol is a true gift to all truth seekers and healers whether you have a practice or not!

Carol A.

Bellevue, WA

Over ten years ago I was going through huge life challenges. Divorce, illness, and many feelings of fear and uncertainty.

Counseling fell short of helping me. I found Carol on the internet and after my first appointment, I was hooked!

She brought me clarity, peace, a sense of relief and much love through her compassion, her openness,

gentleness and sincerity. I became very excited and hopeful of finding myself and enrolled in her Reiki classes,

getting my Reiki Master diploma while loving every minute of it. Reiki has connected me to the divine where

I receive daily wisdom and healing. Meeting Carol quite literally changed my life.

Julie Wein

Aldergrove, BC Canada

Reiki is one of those staples in energy work that is always with me since approx. 1998. With the numerous

modalities I use, Reiki is an effective complimentary component. Carol was one of my first Reiki teachers.

Her perspective has benefitted me with the freedom to explore and not get stuck in how it has to look or feel,

whether I am a Practitioner or Reiki Teacher. 

 Susan Faber, Coach, Practitioner, Author, Instructor; 

 Cochrane, Alberta, Canada

Although I had previously achieved all three levels of Reiki and practicing in my own business, after having received

a Reiki session from Carol I knew there was so much more for me to learn. I took her level two class and it was

so enriching, I learned to incorporate the use of crystals and intuition. I cannot wait to take level three with her.

As well as some of her other classes like communicating with your spirit guides and Angels!

Debi O'Brien

Des Moines, WA

I have had several treatments with Carol, and have always had lasting results. I can literally feel energy coming

through my body like crazy, and this experience always leaves me raring to go. Carol is always on time,

and the space in Des Moines is wonderful. I always look forward to my reiki sessions with Carol.

Nancy W

Sea Tac, WA

I loved my Reiki level 1 & 2 classes with Carol Longacre! Carol is such a beautiful soul and a wonderful mentor.

She has a special technique that gives a sense of belonging to her classes. The energy is alive and at full force

during classes. I have learned so much thus far from Carol and I look forward to learning so much more from her.

I recommend Carol to anyone who wants a deeper connection within them selves and with their higher power

through Reiki.

Julie Bass

Kent, WA

I started working with Carol a month ago and have had tremendous results with both healing myself

and learning to heal others.

Elysa Lanz

Seattle, WA.

Carol is my go to when I need guidance, healing and relaxation. I am considering studying Reiki with her.

I'd recommend her 100%!

Tommy T

Seattle, WA

I was a week out from my 7th bodybuilding show and had some pent up anxiety and blocked energy.

My coworker recommended I see Carol for a Reiki session to help release my nervous energy.

The experience was great and after working with Carol I felt a great sense of calm and peace!

During the session I could feel the energy running throughout my body, it was amazing!

Whenever I need some energy healing I will be visiting the lovely Carol for sure!

Krista B

Puyallup, WA

Have had a Reiki background for many years, but no formal training till recently with Carol, where I took

Reiki Level One and Two. Looking forward to taking the Master Training this Fall. She is a gifted, talented,

and brilliant teacher.... her knowledge and background, extensive is not only Reiki, but also of crystals.

Grateful for all this training, I was able to use my higher level of training immediately on a friend, whom

was in the last stages of cancer. It was more than amazing to use all this with her in the last weeks of

her life.It was a profound experience and feel this is a gift that i have been given by Carol, look forward

to my continuing energy work with her as a Master Teacher.

Kathleen Bohlken

Seattle, WA.

I began my healing journey with Carol taking the initial Reiki Attunement and followed with Level III and Masters courses.

Carol is such a nurturing, loving, compassionate teacher, assisting to raise your spirit all the way 'home'.

I can not imagine having taken any level from anyone except Carol. The assistance in the development

of my Business and Home treatments was invaluable.

Wendy Cunningham

Fairmont, BC., Canada

What People Are Saying About The "Group Reiki Session"

When I come to the Group Reiki sessions, I am usually in sore need of re-connection. It is my spiritual hygiene,

my sacred self-care time. Carol creates a relaxing environment with music and crystals and laughs.

During the session, she attends to each individual according to his/her spiritual need, which she senses

with her intuitive gifts. She's spot on, I might add. The information that she imparts is given matter of factly

and with a sense of humor. I can tell she truly enjoys using her spiritual gifts in this way and it puts me at ease.

I know that whatever happens for me, and whatever I need, Carol's got me. It has always felt completely safe

to be there. I have appreciated Carol's unique way of offering Reiki for several years now. I have brought my

family members and several friends, and continue to recommend her Group Reiki hands down for anyone

wishing to receive clarity on anything in their life, and energetic support for making changes and integration.

Margaret Suhr, RN


I have been to Carol’s group healing sessions twice through a referral. Every session has been very powerful

and deep healing occurred, this is a great way to get a feel of Carol’s healing style without the higher cost of a

private session.

Carol is a master at channeling energy and is incredible at providing personalized healing based on her

communication with spiritual guides. I highly recommend Carol’s group healing sessions.

- Yilin, Newcastle, WA.


Carol's Group Reiki sessions are amazing! I always come away feeling so relaxed and more balanced.

She offers insights right when I need them. I strongly recommend taking a class or Reiki session with

Carol to feel the beautiful energy embrace and heal that part of you that is ready to heal!

Trish Burton

Des Moines, WA

What People Are Saying About The "Private Zoom Video Distant Reiki Sessions

“My first Zoom Video, Distance Reiki session was lovely, Carol helped me connect with my grandma in spirit who

happens to also be one of my main guides currently. Not only did I feel much lighter and energetically rejuvenated,

I also appreciated receiving a lot of messages from my grandma teaching me how to better used my own

spiritual gifts. Thank you Carol for your incredible gifts to bring light into my world. “

 - Yilin, Newcastle, WA--

Once again Carol Longacre amazed me today with her Reiki Zoom Session.

It was done in the comfort of my own home, where I could relax completely. She guided me through the Reiki

session and communicated with me throughout the session, allowing me to ask questions if needed and say

what I was feeling. It was like doing an in person session but we were still keeping a safe distance due to the

pandemic. I must recommend this for anybody who is anxious or nervous about our current situation.

Thank you Carol!

Jeanine H., Seattle, WA.

Carol Longacre, Reiki Master/Teacher. Offering In-Person Or Remote Reiki Sessions, and Reiki Classes.

Reiki With Carol Longacre, LLC

Des Moines, WA.

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